Not only couples, families and friends book Bluetooth to enjoy fun and adventure in the Solent. She is regularly rented for Commercial RIB Charters. A commercial boat charter is where an individual or company use her to enable them to carry out their job.

Here are some of the recent Commercial RIB Charters that Bluetooth has been out on.

Bluetooth and Iona taken by  Christopher Ison. Contact +447544 044177
Picture by Christopher Ison.

The naming ceremony of cruise ship Iona

Iona is a new cruise ship to enter the P&O fleet. Due to be launched in 2020, but postponed to 2021. Iona is the first British liner fuelled by liquefied natural gas. P&O describe as ‘one of the cleanest fuels in the world’

We were booked by Chris Ison. Who was working with P&O to capture Iona as she made her way into the Port of Southampton for her naming ceremony.

On the day of the launch, the weather wasn’t as nice as it could have been. Everyone onboard Bluetooth was dressed in waterproofs as they worked. Nic was skippering which enabled the photographer and videographer to get the images they needed of the new cruise liner.

Once the images had been taken, Nic headed back to drop them off at the marina. Enabling them to quickly edit and get the images onto the wire for newspapers across the world to use.

In the photo above Bluetooth is the little RIB in front of the larger tug and even larger cruise ship! Perfectly captured by Chris from a helicopter.

Below is some of the press coverage the day after the naming ceremony.

Picture by James Robinson

Filming of a TV show by CPL productions

Bluetooth was booked for a half-day skippered Commercial charter by CPL productions. Bluetooth was used during the filming an episode of the hit All 4 TV show “Married at first sight“.

Bluetooth’s role was to enable members of the production team to take drone and film footage. This was shot underway as the couple taking part in the TV series were having fun onboard classic sailboat Cetewayo.

The episode will be aired early Autumn 2021.

Trial of a new marine product

Nick from Forum Technologies got in touch, as he wanted to use Bluetooth to test a new marine product before it went to market.

The Hefring Co-Pilot was attached to Bluetooth. The ‘dynamic speedo’ was tested in various conditions across the Western Solent to the Needles. The product displays a maximum safe speed that changes depending on prevailing sea conditions and vessel motions. This helps the boat to be operated safely and ensuring a comfortable trip for passengers. 

Filming for ITV News Meridian

ITV news Meridian was following former Commonwealth games Triathlete Dave Savage .

Bluetooth was used to transport both Dave and the ITV crew as Dave swam along Hamble River.

Watch the broadcast here.

Cross Solent Swims

Bluetooth is regularly booked by Swim the Solent on a bareboat basis. Swim the Solent use Bluetooth as a safety boat for swimmers as they cross from the mainland over to the Isle of Wight.

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