Looking for inspiration on your next Bluetooth RIB charter? Then why not visit Hythe.

Not to be confused with the town of the same name in Kent. (Which would take a lot longer to get to!). Hythe in Hampshire is a pretty waterside town. To reach Hythe marina will take you less than 30 minutes from Bluetooth’s base at Hamble Point.

Hythe Marina Village is an MDL marina. This means if you are visiting on Bluetooth, you can moor at no extra cost. It’s also a locked marina, so depending on the tide you may have to pass through their entrance lock.

Bluetooth Charter RIB in Hythe Marina Village
The youngest members of the crew onboard Bluetooth RIB in Hythe Marina Village

Hythe Marina

On approach, radio on channel 80 and request a berth. Let the marina know that you are on Bluetooth a 7.3m RIB from the dry stack at Hamble Point Marina. The marina team will let you know if you’ll have to wait for the lock or if it’s free-flowing. Once you’ve passed through the lock, you can carefully motor round to your given berth.

Once you have moored up, it’s time to take a look at the facilities in the marina. There are a couple of bars and restaurants to enjoy. You can also use the berth holders shore-side bathrooms. These are locked to the public and have both toilet and shower facilities. Don’t forget to take the key card on the boat keys to access the bathrooms.

Prospect Place Park and Hythe's historic pier over Southampton Water
Propsect Place Park in Hythe. Overlooking Hythe pier, Southampton Water and in the background the tower blocks at Weston.

Hythe Town

From Hythe Marina village it’s a 10-minute walk into the centre of town. Walk out of the marina and bear left along West Street. On the way into the town, you’ll pass some elegant Georgian houses on your right and Prospect Place Park on your left. This patch of green space is one of a couple of spots to enjoy a takeaway sandwich or picnic lunch. If you Keep walking along Prospect Place and you will soon be at the top of Hythe High Street.

Christmas on Hythe High Street
Hythe High Street with Christmas bunting

Shopping in Hythe

Hythe centre has a reasonable selection of shops. There is a refreshing number of independent retailers alongside some high street regulars and a handful of charity shops. The shops are based on the high street and adjoining roads. It’s an easy to walk circuit with some parts pedestrianised and others not.

Food and refreshments in Hythe

There is no shortage of places to buy food in Hythe. From the bars and restaurants in Hythe Marina Village through to Waitrose and Lidl, independent cafes’, bakeries and takeaways in Hythe town.

If you aren’t visiting a restaurant, walk towards the water and you can sit on seats along the promenade, or head back to Prospect Place Park. Both of these places offer you the opportunity to people watch whilst enjoying a waterside picnic.

Hythe Pier Train
Hythe’s historic pier train
Hythe Pier and Ferry
Hythe Pier and Ferry

Fun facts and things to do in about Hythe

Have you spotted the electric train that runs along Hythe’s historic pier? Hythe Pier was opened on New Year’s Day 1881. Its purpose is to act as a landing stage for the ferry that runs between Southampton and Hythe. You can pay £2* and enjoy a 640m trip on the World’s oldest pier train without having to board the ferry.

During World War II, Hythe was used as the port for the “Little Ships” of the Royal Navy. Hythe was also used for the Motor Torpedo boats and the RAF rescue boats.

Sir Christopher Cockerell, the inventor of the Hovercraft used to live in Hythe. A memorial to his achievement can be found in shady waterfront gardens.

T.E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) was based in Hythe. He oversaw the construction and trials of a new seaplane tender for the RAF between 1931 and 1932. A blue plaque can be found where he rented a room on Myrtle Cottage on Shore Road.

*Price correct at time of writing, Jan 2021.

If you would like to visit Hythe on Bluetooth, please contact us to check availability for your trip. We offer private RIB charters in and around the Solent area.

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