Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions that we are regularly asked by guests renting Bluetooth RIB. If your question is not answered below, please get in touch

What qualifications do I need to rent Bluetooth as a bareboat charter?

To rent Bluetooth for a bareboat charter your designated skipper must have at least 3 years of experience driving a similar vessel. 

Alternatively, you can charter if you are an RYA Coastal Skipper and provide a boating CV.

These are stipulations made by our insurance company. 


What is a skippered charter?

If you don’t have the necessary qualifications to rent Bluetooth for a bareboat charter, or you are looking forward to enjoying a libation with lunch, then a skippered charter is perfect for you. 

Our qualified skipper will drive Bluetooth and help you to enjoy your time onboard. 

A skippered RIB charter is suitable for up to 7 guests. 

Can I reduce the insurance excess?

The excess on Bluetooth as a bareboat charter is £2500. This is the maximum you will be liable for in case of an accident.

We hope that most trips go without a hitch but if a member of your crew inflate a lifejacket or lose a piece of equipment then we will need to charge you the cost to repair or replace.

We do offer the option to reduce your excess from £2500 to £1250 for a non refundable payment of £50 per charter – just tick the box on the booking form.

Is a last minute RIB charter possible?

The sun is shining and there is nowhere you’d rather be than on the water, not a problem give us a call and if Bluetooth is available we’d be happy to arrange a last-minute charter.

Prior to your arrival at the marina, you will need to allow time for;

  1. Completing the booking form
  2. E-mailing through your identification if Bareboat (Driving licence or ID card, Passport, Certification cards)
  3. Arranging payment via bank transfer.

If you think that you are more likely to be last-minute in your decision to rent Bluetooth, we do have a pre-booking form that allows us to pre-qualify your qualifications and hold your details on file. Making a last-minute charter much quicker and easier.

Please contact us and we can get 50% of the paperwork completed upfront.

Where can we travel to?

Bluetooth is based at Hamble Point Marina. The marina is located at the mouth of the River Hamble and it’s the closest mainland marina to Solent Water.

You can enjoy Bluetooth across Solent Water between the Witterings and the Needles.

This will offer you a wide area to explore. You can enjoy trips to the Isle of Wight

What does the price include and what is extra?

We don’t want you to have to pull out your calculator, so we’ve made it easy.

The rate that you see online or if you have asked for a different location, the quote we send via e-mail, is the full rate for renting Bluetooth. This includes all safety equipment, fuel and VAT.

Extras that you may incur could include short stay costs of mooring in a marina. So if you are stopping for lunch, expect to pay circa £11 to cover your visit. 

If you are visiting another MDL marina you won’t have to pay. When you radio ahead let them know that Bluetooth RIB is on Hamble Point Dry Stack and that will cover your stay.  So you can visit Mercury Yacht Harbour, Port Hamble Marina, Ocean Village Marina or Hythe Marina without having to pay extra. 

If you pick up a mooring buoy in Newtown Creek you may be paid a visit by the National Trust who maintain the buoys and look after the area. If you are not National Trust members they ask for a small donation to help them to maintain the mooring field. 

Weather - what happens if the weather on the day is bad?

We will be closely watching the weather prior to your trip. 

We want all of our guests to enjoy a safe and fun time when they are out on Bluetooth. 

If the weather is due to be unfavourable on the day of your charter, we will contact you the day before to see if you would like to reschedule your trip.  

What should we wear for our RIB charter?

One of the big conundrums of living in the UK is the uncertainty of the weather.

What to wear and to bring along with you will depend on the weather forecast for the day.

However, even the sunniest of days on the Solent can be chilly when travelling at speed on a RIB.

Rather layer up and be comfortable than wish you’d packed your gloves or a hat (that won’t blow away at speed!) 

Sunscreen is important even on overcast days as being out on Solent Water is a great place to catch some rays. 

Please note that Bluetooth has jockey style seating so trousers and shorts rather than a skirt or dress will be much more comfortable. 

Shoes wise, flat with non-slip soles are best. Deck shoes, sailing boots or trainers are great and leave your heels at home! 

What is the seating layout on Bluetooth?

Bluetooth has predominately jockey style seating for 6 passengers with a small bench seat in front of the console for 2 passengers. 

The jockey seats are nice and comfortable but if you are usually a skirt or dress wearer we would advise shorts or trousers may be a more practical option for your time onboard Bluetooth. 


Do you offer a water taxi service?

If Bluetooth and our skipper are available then yes we’d be happy to offer a water taxi service.

Please click here for more details.

Do you have children's lifejackets?

To comply with coding, Bluetooth carries 10 adult lifejackets on board at all times.

If you are travelling with children we recommend that you bring your own lifejackets so that you know they will fit correctly.  We do have a small selection available so please ask us if required.

Are pets allowed on board?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on Bluetooth, sorry. 

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