Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the water, we thought we’d give you some ideas of what to bring on your RIB charter. After all, you don’t want to be onboard wishing you’d packed your wetsuit or woolly hat!

What should I wear when onboard the RIB?

What you should wear will naturally depend on the time of year of your charter, and the expected weather.

Even on the mildest of days, when you head onto Solent Water at 25 knots it will feel chilly. So if you are wearing a vest top or short sleeve tee under your lifejacket you may start to feel uncomfortable.

Wearing layers is a great idea, so a sweatshirt or fleece and then a jacket will help keep you warm. Items with a zip at the front are best so that you can undo them, and maybe remove them with your lifejacket on.

Hats and gloves are a great idea if you feel the cold. In the summer a cap is also a good idea to keep the sun off your head. Hats and caps can go flying when travelling at speed so do consider buying a cap clip.

If showery weather is forecast then do remember your waterproofs. A jacket and trousers or sailing dungarees are ideal – but you can wear whatever will keep you dry.

Bluetooth RIB has jockey seats for 6 and a small bench seat at the front. So if you are planning on sitting on the jockey seats you may find wearing shorts or trousers more comfortable than a skirt or dress.

If you are wondering what shoes to wear, flat with non-slip soles are best. Deck shoes, sailing boots or trainers are great to wear – please don’t be tempted to wear anything with a heel. Not only will you find it hard to walk, but they may also damage the boat.

What else should I bring along for my RIB Charter?

The storage onboard Bluetooth is limited so here are some top tips for other items you may like to pack to make your trip even more enjoyable.

  • Suntan lotion – even on cloudy days you’ll be getting more sun on the water than you will on land
  • Warm drinks – a flask of coffee is a great way to warm up cold hands
  • Soft drinks – bring your own reusable bottles if you are able
  • Snacks – whatever the age of your fellow RIB passengers a bit of sea air can make tummy’s rumble!
  • Picnic – if you are onboard all day and don’t want to go ashore, pack a picnic and enjoy onboard. You can even pre-order from the Ketch Rigger and collect from Hamble Point Marina before you depart.
  • Think you may fancy a dip? Then don’t forget your swimsuits, wetsuits and towels. (warm drinks always go down well after a dip in the Solent!)

What bag should I bring?

Bear in mind that however nice the day there is always the chance that anything bought onto Bluetooth RIB could get wet.

Flexible non-solid-sided bags are the best. If packing a picnic, although a hamper sounds idyllic, it won’t work so well on the boat. So a soft-sided cool bag for your food would be best.

If you have a dry bag, bring that. When we head out as a family we clip our dry bags onto the back of the rear jockey seats.

We find that the Ikea blue bag (or similar) is super helpful for carrying towels, wetsuits and woggles. Depending on how much is in there, it can either go under the bench seat. If it’s full (or you have more than one) then they can sit between the bench seats.

If you have any questions at all about what to wear or bring on your next RIB charter in the Solent onboard Bluetooth, please get in touch.

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